Year 6 Blog


One of the traditions of Chinese New Year is to send blessings to your loved ones. Lichtenstein class looked at some traditional Chinese blessings and has sent their favourite via our blog.

To Mum and Dad, May every step and path you take, make you higher and successful in life. From Naomi

To Deb, May the future bring happiness and I hope you have a long lasting life, be wealthy from Amelie XXX.

To Mum and Dad, May you smile often -from Reiss.

To everyone in my family, May everything go well with you. From Jayden XXX.

To Mum and Dad, This Chinese New Year I wish you tidings of peace. From Marley

To Mum, Dad and Josh, May all your dreams come true. From Fabian

To Mum, Dad, Ben and Nan, you make me smile every day that makes me happy. From Katie XXX

Let this New Year bring great joy and peace to Manon. From Elisha

To Billy, I hope you have fun every day of your life and a happy New Year. From Luke!!!

To Mum and Dad, I would like to give you a blessing, have everything go well for you. From Amare. J J J

Dear Dad, may your work days be happier and hopefully your bonus provides a lot of money so we can go abroad- from Joe.

Dear Mum and Dad, May every step take you higher to reaching your goal. From Megan.

Dear Mum and Dad, May you have peace at every age. From Daniel [your best child out of the two of us]. JJJJ

Dear my loving family, May all your wishes come true. From Charlotte.JJJ

Dear Isaac, May everything go well with you from Riley

Dear loving and caring Mum, this Chinese New Year resolution to make everything good not dreadful. From Reece

Dear Victor, May every step you take, you will become better and you will thrive to success. From Eli.     

Dear Luke, I wish you a happy new year and an amazing career with drumming hope you the best .From Billy.

Dear Harley and Isaac, I wish for you to live long and worry less.  Love from your big brother Kaidan.

To my dear cousin Cameron, as this New Year commences I wish that every step you take moves you up higher in life. Love you to the moon and back from your cos Lily.

To my family, I wish you to hear tidings of peace and live in prosperity. From Pip.

This year I would like to offer a blessing to my mum and dad: I wish for you to have wealth, happiness, health and love in your lives. From Daisy

To my family,

May harmony bring you wealth and may everything be well with you and may you live a long life with lots of happiness and wealth.    From Olly

To my big brother Sean,

May you prosper in your own happiness, and enjoy life to its fullest potential! May you have good luck and make the most of every opportunity! May you have wealth and good fortune in the years to come!     - Mason 

Dear Mum and Dad,

I wish you harmony and joy for the whole family, shall happiness come upon you I hope you all have good luck, and may health and love in your lives!    - From Pashtana

To my family,

I wish you health wealth happiness and joy in this year and good luck may you prosper in everything you do and may you have love in your lives!  -from Eve

To my brother Kyle,

I just want to say thank you for supporting me and always be there for me .I wish you a happy New Year love Wil xx

To my loving family,

I wish you all health wealth and joy for the whole year –love Lucas

To Livia

I hope you have a successful life and enjoy while it lasts-Love Harry (Livia is a nick name for my cousin)

To the whole of my amazing family,

May all of your wishes come true and live every second of your life with no regrets and be the best you can be, lots of love from Lotte. 

This week's blog brought to you by Jayden and Charlotte.



In Maths this week  everyone has successfully learnt how to use a protractor and we have been doing some work on angles.
Every Monday we do a 100 or 144 times table grids. 
On Tuesday we do an arithmetic test this helps yr 6 to recap all the maths we have been learning. 


This week in English we have been writing our own story opening paragraphs based on Carries War. We have also been discussing the different personalities of some of the characters like Aunty Lou and Mr Evans.

On Monday-Thursday we have been reading a book called the 7 habits. So far we have read the first and second story. Next time we are reading the 3rd story.


In topic we have been doing some art work on The Blitz, World War 1 and 2


Our Goals

We have all written our goals to do by Easter.
Some people have achieved them already.


Every Friday afternoon the school has an achievement award assembly where we share with the whole school what every class has been learning for last week. Last week’s yr 6 awards went to Pashtana and Reece.


In indoor PE we are doing evacuee drills that they used to do in school during WW2.
In outdoor PE we have been playing netball - it is really fun.

Log in next week to see what else has been happening in Lichtenstein class!

This week's brought to you by Eve and Pashtana


This week we have been learning algebra in maths. It has been hard but fun and everyone has enjoyed the lessons all week!
We are set homework on what we have done over the week.


We have been reading a very good book called Carries War, it is about a girl who is evacuated to the country side away from London during the war.


We are learning War and Peace as are topic this term it is very interesting and everybody is enjoying it. 

This week's brought to you by Naomi & Joe

Achievements and Rewards

Each and every person in year 6 has been working extremely hard in class. So every Friday 2-3 pupils get certified with a reward to show they’ve been hard working and made the correct choices throughout the week. The last Friday’s assembly, the certificates in year 6 was given Katie and Amare! Another thing the majority of the class accomplished was their targets they set. 29% of people achieved their goal, 52% nearly achieved their challenge and unfortunately 19% of people had unluckily unachieved their challenge. We’ve now started our new targets for Easter. We can’t wait to see if we achieved them.



In Maths we have been using negative numbers and calculating intervals across zero, such as:

A) 13-20=7
B) 50-25=25


In English we have been learning about WWII and War and Peace. As a result of learning about   WWII we’ve started a story called Carries War. We have also been doing a comprehension sheet about the book. Would you like to learn about Carries War?

Homework this week - p33 A and B or B and C = remember to ask for help before Friday if you need it.

brought to you by Eli & Olly

We have been setting ourselves challenges for us to reach by Christmas:

We have made our goals challenging but we all know we can achieve them. It will be very hard but with encouragement from family and friends we will make it. We will need to work hard and practice a lot. It will take all we have but we won’t give up. 

Children in need Friday donations:

We have raised approximately £150 so far to donate to Children in need. We thank Jayden for organising a cake sale to fundraise even more money for Children in need. We also thank everyone for donating 50p or more to help the children with children that are not as lucky as us.


In math’s we have been timesing and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 all of us have done amazing work/homework at school and at home. Also we have been consolidating our measurement by practicing: we have made some amazing graphs to help us convert from miles to kilometers.


In English we have been learning about Charles Dickins and how he sets a scene, builds atmosphere and brings characters to life. We have been reading a shorter version of Bleak House. We have drawn some pictures about the couple pages we have read. Also we have created some amazing vocabulary.

Log in next week to see what else has been happening in Lichtenstein class!