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We have been setting ourselves challenges for us to reach by Christmas:

We have made our goals challenging but we all know we can achieve them. It will be very hard but with encouragement from family and friends we will make it. We will need to work hard and practice a lot. It will take all we have but we won’t give up. 

Children in need Friday donations:

We have raised approximately £150 so far to donate to Children in need. We thank Jayden for organising a cake sale to fundraise even more money for Children in need. We also thank everyone for donating 50p or more to help the children with children that are not as lucky as us.


In math’s we have been timesing and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 all of us have done amazing work/homework at school and at home. Also we have been consolidating our measurement by practicing: we have made some amazing graphs to help us convert from miles to kilometers.


In English we have been learning about Charles Dickins and how he sets a scene, builds atmosphere and brings characters to life. We have been reading a shorter version of Bleak House. We have drawn some pictures about the couple pages we have read. Also we have created some amazing vocabulary.

Log in next week to see what else has been happening in Lichtenstein class!