This week's brought to you by Naomi & Joe

Achievements and Rewards

Each and every person in year 6 has been working extremely hard in class. So every Friday 2-3 pupils get certified with a reward to show they’ve been hard working and made the correct choices throughout the week. The last Friday’s assembly, the certificates in year 6 was given Katie and Amare! Another thing the majority of the class accomplished was their targets they set. 29% of people achieved their goal, 52% nearly achieved their challenge and unfortunately 19% of people had unluckily unachieved their challenge. We’ve now started our new targets for Easter. We can’t wait to see if we achieved them.



In Maths we have been using negative numbers and calculating intervals across zero, such as:

A) 13-20=7
B) 50-25=25


In English we have been learning about WWII and War and Peace. As a result of learning about   WWII we’ve started a story called Carries War. We have also been doing a comprehension sheet about the book. Would you like to learn about Carries War?

Homework this week - p33 A and B or B and C = remember to ask for help before Friday if you need it.