This week's blog brought to you by Jayden and Charlotte.



In Maths this week  everyone has successfully learnt how to use a protractor and we have been doing some work on angles.
Every Monday we do a 100 or 144 times table grids. 
On Tuesday we do an arithmetic test this helps yr 6 to recap all the maths we have been learning. 


This week in English we have been writing our own story opening paragraphs based on Carries War. We have also been discussing the different personalities of some of the characters like Aunty Lou and Mr Evans.

On Monday-Thursday we have been reading a book called the 7 habits. So far we have read the first and second story. Next time we are reading the 3rd story.


In topic we have been doing some art work on The Blitz, World War 1 and 2


Our Goals

We have all written our goals to do by Easter.
Some people have achieved them already.


Every Friday afternoon the school has an achievement award assembly where we share with the whole school what every class has been learning for last week. Last week’s yr 6 awards went to Pashtana and Reece.


In indoor PE we are doing evacuee drills that they used to do in school during WW2.
In outdoor PE we have been playing netball - it is really fun.

Log in next week to see what else has been happening in Lichtenstein class!