Monthly Dispatches

Governor Visit  - Friday 28 September 2018


It was a pleasure to see Lichtenstein in action for the first time this year.  Whilst the pupils were still full of energy following their PGL residential at the start of the week, poor Mrs Smyth was fighting off the effects of a heavy cold which she had brought back with her from Liddington. Thanks must go to all the staff who made the visit possible, particularly when it impacted on their own family arrangements.

The pupils were working in their residential groups and tasked with raising awareness of the visit to the curent Year 5 children.  It was proving a great way to promote the use of persuasive and ambitious language as the children worked with focus on their posters or their booklets.  The tasks had been divided up in the groups so that every child had a clear role and knew what they had to complete in the alloted time.  Photos were available from the network to copy and manipulate and stylistic choices had to be made about presentation.  It needed a bit of persuasion to encourage some to stop their work and go out for some fresh air at breaktime, such was the enthusiasm to finish the task.

It was interesting to hear first-hand from the children about their experiences at Liddington.  Clearly they had enjoyed a great time and were eager to tell their stories of Jacob’s Ladder, the Giant’s Swing, raft building and the many other tasks that had been packed into their busy days.  It had been a huge personal challenge for some and it gave them great material for their writing.  It also clearly supported the work that Mrs Smyth has done with the class on stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks to boost personal performance.  This could be seen to have been achieved by many in the course of the residential, but also in the classroom as children were encouraged to use higher-level vocabulary to ‘sell’ the visit to Year 5.

It just so happened that I was also in school on the day when the Macmillan Coffee Morning took place at breaktime.  It was nice to see a number of parents in the hall, having found time in their busy days to come along and support the school and the charity fundraising. The cake was good, too!


Mike Boys
Link Governor, Lichtenstein

We would like to welcome you all back to Long Lane after the summer holidays and also welcome the new parents and pupils to our wonderful school. 

Last year we introduced a new award to a Year 6 pupil called the ‘Governor Community Award’. The cup was donated by the Chair of Governors to thank a year 6 pupil for all their hard work for the school community and for making an impact at Long Lane.  The community got together and we were able to make a hamper full of donated items to give to Anisa Johnson with the cup to say thank you. The local businesses included: The Beauty Box, Waitrose, Tesco’s, Nando’s and Jamie’s Italians. 
We are ready for the new school year and getting everything into place. We have performed our skills matrix and done a 360 review on the chair of governors. This data has enabled us to make our governance plan for the new year. We are looking forward to our Ofsted visit this year and showing the inspectors everything that we have in place and how Long Lane positively impacts all the pupils.
We are all looking forward to the new year and making sure we are on the up and working our way to outstanding. We have a very diverse team of governors and fulfill all the skills sets to continue growth and excellence at Long Lane Primary. We are looking for a Co-Opted Governor to join our board, please if you know of anyone in the local area that would like to make a difference to our school then please ask them to contact the Chair of Governors via the office. 

For more information please  read our September Governors Newsletter

Shirley Wilkinson  
Chair of Governors

I was excited to begin my role as a governor back in October 2017, and, as ever, the year has flown by.  Now that we are approaching the end of term, this seems an excellent point to reflect on what the school has achieved in the last year, and as a governor, I am particularly interested in how well the school has fulfilled its vision to its pupils; that each child will leave with a love of learning. 

Of course, learning is not just about facts, figures, and exams, it is about learning practical, social, and emotional life skills through experiences inside, and outside the classroom.  The school website’s ‘news’ section contains a record of just some of the activities undertaken over the past year, and I am pleased to see that there is a wide range of learning on display - there is learning about teamwork in winning the Berkshire Primary School’s Cup, learning about independence at PGL, learning about practical science in the paper aeroplane competition and science festival, learning about the environment at Woolley Firs Environmental Education Centre, and learning about equality with International Women’s day – to name but a few.

I am always impressed when I visit the school at the overriding sense of support that pupils give each other, and the way that the school recognises the efforts of pupils in all aspects of their education, and sports day was a fine example of how well the pupils work together, and support each other.

Alongside my general governor duties, I took over as safeguarding governor a little before Easter. I have been to the school to ensure that the staff and governors are up to date with their safeguarding responsibilities and are always alert to their responsibilities.  I am pleased to see that the school is maintaining its ‘outstanding’ work in safeguarding children and I will aim to ensure that this continues; ensuring pupils are safe must always be our top priority.

I hope that pupils keep enjoying their learning right up to the end of term, and continue to learn new skills at the same time as enjoying their summer holidays. 

Edward Barham   
Safeguarding & Resources Governor

This academic year my link class is Year 4 with Mrs Rushent and I was thoroughly impressed with the learning environment during my visit at the end of the autumn term. Being a fellow musician, I particularly enjoyed the Tudor music piece and I can see the inspirational impact, Mrs Rushent, is having on the children. I have now been a governor at Long Lane for just over one academic year and in this role, I have now taken on the responsibly of Chair of Resources. With education funding continuing to be a challenge, it is the purpose of the Resources Committee to ensure that the school continues to flourish with the funding it receives. We fully appreciate the efforts of all the staff at Long Lane and can continue to see the hugely positive impact they are having on the children.

I think June is definitely going to be my favourite month this year not only because of the World Cup but the annual Long Lane School sports day that takes place on Wednesday 27th June. I was there to observe it last summer on the hottest day of the year and the children competed well in challenging conditions.  As a Head of PE at St Andrew’s, I understand the efforts that go into organising such a wonderful whole school event. I know myself and the governing board are thoroughly looking forward to seeing the children and school all out together for a united celebration of achievement.  

James Mortimer  
Year 4 Link Governor