I was excited to begin my role as a governor back in October 2017, and, as ever, the year has flown by.  Now that we are approaching the end of term, this seems an excellent point to reflect on what the school has achieved in the last year, and as a governor, I am particularly interested in how well the school has fulfilled its vision to its pupils; that each child will leave with a love of learning. 

Of course, learning is not just about facts, figures, and exams, it is about learning practical, social, and emotional life skills through experiences inside, and outside the classroom.  The school website’s ‘news’ section contains a record of just some of the activities undertaken over the past year, and I am pleased to see that there is a wide range of learning on display - there is learning about teamwork in winning the Berkshire Primary School’s Cup, learning about independence at PGL, learning about practical science in the paper aeroplane competition and science festival, learning about the environment at Woolley Firs Environmental Education Centre, and learning about equality with International Women’s day – to name but a few.

I am always impressed when I visit the school at the overriding sense of support that pupils give each other, and the way that the school recognises the efforts of pupils in all aspects of their education, and sports day was a fine example of how well the pupils work together, and support each other.

Alongside my general governor duties, I took over as safeguarding governor a little before Easter. I have been to the school to ensure that the staff and governors are up to date with their safeguarding responsibilities and are always alert to their responsibilities.  I am pleased to see that the school is maintaining its ‘outstanding’ work in safeguarding children and I will aim to ensure that this continues; ensuring pupils are safe must always be our top priority.

I hope that pupils keep enjoying their learning right up to the end of term, and continue to learn new skills at the same time as enjoying their summer holidays. 

Edward Barham   
Safeguarding & Resources Governor