From bright bobble hats to emoji beanies, colourful headgear was very much the order of the day when I visited the school on a snowy January morning. Fresh from a bracing breaktime out of doors, the children were keen to kick off their wellies and get down to work, whilst efficient cloakroom captains made sure coats and boots were safely stowed and ready for lunchtime. Pupils clearly enjoy taking on responsibility and it was good to see our emerging leaders in action.

Curiosity and imagination, qualities that will take our pupils far at school and beyond, were much in evidence too, from the bold and beautiful mythical creatures on display in the library to the fascinating conversation about language and dialect in a literacy lesson. Mr Thorne and his staff are rightly committed to ensuring that the children develop their skills in spoken English, expressing their thoughts with clarity and confidence, so it was great to see enthusiasm for sharing their ideas in all the classes I visited. 

On a chilly day, a warming lunch of roast chicken with macaroni cheese and broccoli was just the ticket and the children were tucking in with relish as I set off. Walking back to the gate, I spotted the green shoots of daffodils pushing hopefully through the snow, signs of spring and of all the exciting times to come in the rest of this school year. I look forward to being part of it. 

jan cresswell

Jan Cresswell
SEN Governor