When I received the call from Shirley a few weeks back to say that the inspectors were on their way (seems an age ago now, doesn’t it?) I won’t pretend that there weren’t a few butterflies in my stomach at the thought of being interviewed about being a governor at Long Lane.  The last (and only) time that I had been inspected by Ofsted was as a newly qualified teacher some eighteen years ago.  That experience of almost two decades ago had been a very positive one and so it was with this in my mind that I left my own place of work at St Andrew’s and drove steadily and resolutely down into Pangbourne and then up the long hill towards Long Lane.


But of course my butterflies must have paled into insignificance compared with how the teaching and support staff would have been feeling upon hearing the news of Ofsted’s imminent arrival.  A feeling of nervous tension may have existed, but I know from my own experience that this would have been mixed with feelings of anticipation, of excitement even at being given the opportunity to show Ofsted just how good a school Long Lane is.  The moment had finally arrived! 

The inspection team can only have been thoroughly impressed with how well the children are cared for and with how committed the teachers and support staff are to delivering an exciting, innovative and challenging curriculum that leads to the very best outcomes for all children in all years.  As we await the outcome of the inspection, all I can say is that I am proud to be associated with Long Lane and excited at the prospect of working more closely with the school in the coming months.  


Andrew Neil
Resources Governor