The entire school took part in a Romeo and Juliet assembly, acting out the story in 10 minutes!
We are one of 154 schools chosen to release a Shakespeare book 'into the wild'.
We have shared Romeo and Juliet with the children and now have to release our special copy so that it can be found, read and passed on to others. For more information :

KS1 - Watched an animated Midsummer Night's Dream,  read the Witches chant from Macbeth and made love potions and spells.

Y3 - Prepared for battle with King Henry V, plotted with the witches of Macbeth and experienced a stormy shipwreck in The Tempest.

Y4 - Performed scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream

Y5 - Watched he RSC web lesson and performed role plays as Henry V's army and the witches.

Y6 - Hurled Shakespeare Insults at  each other.

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