We shall deliver The National Curriculum Programmes of study for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1 and 2. We shall meet the needs of individual children by grouping them according to the task, with home learning opportunities to reinforce or extend class teaching.

Through the delivery of the policy the children will have opportunities to:

  • Acquire the core knowledge and skills to be able to think mathematically
  • Explore individual ideas and build on knowledge and skills
  • Develop the ability to apply their knowledge to everyday situations
  • Build a strong set of practical and emotional skills
  • Represent or communicate ideas, to make predictions and explain results
  • Interpret shape, data and measures practically and in abstract ways
  • Work collaboratively and independently to explore mathematical ideas
  • Be creative, take risks and challenge others
  • Use cross-curriculum links
  • Use ICT to enhance their learning


Also included here are some other pages that will be useful when helping your child with Mathematics.




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