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Rock Steady Workshops - 24/05/24

We were lucky enough to have some musical workshops from Rock Steady in preparation for weekly sessions coming soon. They will be offering children the opportunity to be part of a band and have weekly band practise.

Year 5 Realism Art Study - Autumn 2023

Year 5 have been immersed in a realism art project this term. They have studied the artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz, learnt skills and techniques related to realism and then created their own piece in a similar style. 

2023-05 Art Club Try Lino Printing

The children in Art Club try out lino printing.

2023-05 Art Club Make Pots

The children in Art Club made some wonderful pots that they planted up with baby spider plants.

2022 Remembrance Commemoration



Year 1 have made poppies  to remember those that  fought for peace.

Poppy sales raised £371.28 for the Royal British Legion.

Music Lessons with Hogan Music

Jubilee Horse

Over the summer holidays our horse "Strive" had a new coat of paint to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee based on designs produced by the children. 

2022 Year 5 Create Ancient Greek Masks


Year 5 have been creating Ancient Greek theatrical masks. Can you tell the difference between comedy, tragedy, hero and mythical?

2022 Music Lessons with Hogan Music

As well as Berkshire Maestros and Mrs Cannolle, we are partnering with Hogan's Music to bring even more music to Long Lane, including acoustic guitar, drums and DJ-ing lessons.

Find out more about taking music lessons at Long Lane Primary School with Hogan Music. Discover the variety of instruments you could learn, how the lessons work and the benefits of learning with us. Sign up online or contact us to find out more at

2022 - Year 3 Enjoy Making Woolly Mammoths


As part of studying the topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, Year 3 have written postcards from the Stone Age in English; recreated cave paintings in art and followed instructions to make their own woolly mammoths and evaluated their work.