We are pleased to announce that Winter Wonderland made record profits this year of £5800 which will go towards funding projects in school.

Huge thanks to everyone for all your hard work and support especially the PTA.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and enjoyed themselves on Saturday, we were so lucky with the weather and we raised money for the school which is the most important thing!!
(Final figures will be announced at a later date!)

Big thanks go to everyone who...

* Donated bottles, toiletries, toys, books, teddies, cakes, raffle prizes
* Sold raffle tickets to friends and family
* Helped out in the run up to the event, and on the day. Excluding committee, we had approximately 50 volunteers to help things run as they did! That includes members of staff who went above and beyond their day jobs!
* Spent money on games, crafts, raffle tickets, bidding board, refreshments etc.
* Bought items from our external stall holders - if they made money they might want to come back another time!
* Bought tickets for ice skating - this was the centrepiece to the Winter Wonderland; the organisers said everyone was brilliantly behaved & they'd be happy to come back again in the future!
* Recycled their rubbish!
* Spread a little Christmas Cheer!

Many thanks once again,

Laura, Clare, Claire, Cristina, Jo & Sam - your PTA committee


We are really delighted to announce that the Autumn Disco raised an amazing grand total of..... £743.60 !

Thanks to everyone for making it such a success.

Laura, Clare, Claire, Cristina, Jo & Sam - your PTA committee

Thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas Fair and to all of the helpers before, during and after the event. We are delighted to announce that the fair raised  a whopping £3730.24. Thank you once again for all your support.


Pupils enjoying new play equipment purchased by the PTA,


The children enjoyed a great night watching the Emoji Movie on 2nd February 2018 run by the PTA..

We hope you enjoyed our World Cup Summer Fair. Thank you to everyone who helped and attended. We are really pleased to announce that the fair raised over £5300 which is amazing.
Thank you.

Sometimes it may seem we are always asking for your help! But just take a look at what your help and the funds raised by the PTA last year have paid for:


ICT Suite computer replacement, book corner items, Viking Man visit, Yearbooks for Year 6, Year 1 & 2 School Trip, additional library equipment, storyteller, garden playhouse, outdoor planters , drying rack, A3 topic & science big books displays, talking number fans, buttons, board games, Oxford Reading Tree: tree Tops, Non- fiction, Time chronicles, Classics, " handheld digital microscopes, National Geographic Magazine for Kids, Hinged bookcase, SPAG cards in English, 6 classroom TVs, completion of the library with new bookcases, maypole.


On Saturday 7th May ex-pupils, parents and staff enjoyed a fun evening celebrating the school's 50th Anniversary at a Barn Dance organised by the PTA. This raised an astonishing £1534.97 which went towards buying new computers for the school.

Please click here for more photos from the evening.