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Year 4 Visit Hampton Court - 22/03/24

Year 4 visited Hampton Court to further deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Tudor period. They experienced many of the different rooms as well as the extensive gardens of the palace.

Rabbi Svi Visits Year 4 - 05/10/23

Year 4 had their annual visit from Rabbi Svi. Children learnt about the customs and traditions of the Jewish community.

Italian Lessons start at Long Lane 

 Italian Lessons

We are all really excited to begin our Italian lessons at Long Lane.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson of Italian and have been really enthusiastic to learn about the Italian flag and follow some instructional language.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer two Italian clubs;

  • Storytime -  Y1, Y2, and Y3 (before school)
  • Bracelet making – Y4, Y5, Y6 (lunchtime)

Letters will come out for these clubs shortly.

2023 Year 4 visit The Living Rainforest


On Thursday 13th July Year 4 visited The Living Rainforest at Hampstead Norreys, they really enjoyed learning about all the different tropical birds and animals. 

2023-05 Year 4 Try Shang Dynasty Cooking

Year 4 children enjoyed a cookery session where they made Ginger Millet Porridge as the Shang Dynasty would have done during the Bronze Age.


2023-02 Year 4 Tudor Day

On Tuesday 28th February Year 4 went back in time to be Tudors for the day. They enjoyed dressing up and reenacting The Battle of Bosworth where Henry Tudor defeated Richard of York and became Henry V11. For lunch they had a fantastic Tudor banquet.



KS2 Christmas Party

For Years 3,4,5 and 6.

2022-11 Year 4 have a visit from Rabbi Zvi Solomons

On Thursday 17th November Year 4 had a visit from Rabbi Zvi Solomons from the Jewish Community of Berkshire and learned about Jewish family life and had a synagogue tour in the hall! 



2022 Year 4 visit The Living Rainforest


On Thursday 19th May Year 4 visited The Living Rainforest at Hampstead Norreys. In the morning they explored the rainforest and did a quiz - searching for tropical birds and animals. In the afternoon they had a guided tour of the rainforest learning all about the birds, animals and plants you would find there. A great day had by all.  

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