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The things we say and how we say them can inform, influence, inspire and motivate others and express our empathy, understanding and creativity. It is our ability to communicate that enables us to build positive relationships, collaborate for common purpose, deliberate and share our ideas as citizens. It is through speaking and listening that we develop our views, apply knowledge and extend our capacity to think critically. These skills are needed today more than ever before.

  • The aim of the Oracy Policy is to make explicit the shared and agreed principles and practices upon which teaching and learning of oracy is at our school across all areas of learning.
  • We aim for every child, regardless of their background, to find their voice for success in school and in life.
  • We aim for all children to be competent in the four categories of Oracy; Physical, Cognitive, Social and linguistic.
  • We aim for children to learn through exploratory talk as well as use presentational talk

Oracy Documents